KarmaViva ~ A Cause That Affects Lives

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference in the World? The bravery of the indigenous women in Central America inspired us to do just that. My name is Dave Meyer and this is the story of KarmaViva.

Dave with artisansDuring six months of travel in Central America, my friend Scott James had become deeply aware of the lack of opportunity for the indigenous people there. A genuine desire to help in some way led Scott to volunteer with Trama Textiles. Oralia, the director of Trama, told horrifying stories of the Guatemalan Civil War in which her family, friends and neighbors suffered terribly under the warring factions. Entire villages were wiped out by the conflict.

After the war, Oralia and hundreds of other women artisans banded together to improve the lives of their families. Today, the women of
Trama Textiles are creating beautiful products using methods handed down from mother to child for hundreds of years. Their mothers’ success allows their children the opportunity of education and better medical care as well as building their self esteem.

Scott was truly inspired by these women who were working together for a common purpose. While traveling with Scott in Central America he inspired me to join him in his vision.

Today, KarmaViva is working with women cooperatives like Wakami which includes indigenous women artisans in remote areas of Guatemala. These socially conscious products we offer are infused with the heart, soul and traditions of these beautiful people.

How your purchase makes a difference

For every product you purchase 10% of the sale is donated to the mission of building a school. Every purchase provides fair wages to our artisans for these handcrafted products and empowers them to improve their lives. Through your generosity, we will build a school in Guatemala with Pencils of Promise.
See the impact of your purchase & donation in the video below.

The Story of Juana Christina who wants to be a teacher